Call for Papers

The Organizers invite psychologists, health care professionals, academics and researchers from all fields of applications and backgrounds to submit papers to the 2024 Malaysia Conference on Applied Psychology (MCAP 2024). There will be two streams, Practitioner and Researcher, with suggested but not exhaustive topics below.

  • Workplace Well-being and Mental Health:
    • Strategies for promoting mental health in the workplace
    •  Creating supportive work environments
    • Stress management and resilience-building techniques for employees
    •  Addressing burnout and work-related stress
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and Social Competence in Young Adults:
    • Emotional regulation skills for young adults
    • Building healthy relationships and communication skills
    • Empathy and perspective-taking in interpersonal interactions
    • Coping strategies for navigating challenges in young adulthood
  • Integration of Well-being Initiatives in Educational and Workplace Settings:
    • Incorporating well-being programs into educational curricula
    • Workplace interventions to support employee well-being
    • Bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application of social and emotional skills
  • Technology and Innovation in Promoting Well-being and Social Skills:
    • Utilizing digital tools for mental health support and education
    • Virtual platforms for delivering well-being interventions
    • Gamification and other innovative approaches to enhance social and emotional learning
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Well-being Initiatives:
    • Culturally sensitive approaches to promoting well-being
    • Addressing disparities in access to mental health resources
    • Creating inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and foster belonging
  • Evidence-Based Practices and Research in Applied Psychology:
    • Latest research findings on workplace well-being and young adult development
    •  Implementation and evaluation of evidence-based interventions
    • Translating research into practical strategies for professionals in psychology and related fields
  • Health Psychology:
    • The interplay between physical and mental health in workplace well-being
    • Health behaviour change interventions in organizational settings
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing chronic diseases through workplace initiatives
  • Positive Psychology:
    • Strength-based approaches to enhancing well-being in the workplace
    • Cultivating positive emotions and resilience among employees
    •  Implementing gratitude and mindfulness practices for improved workplace satisfaction and productivity

Authors will be notified of the selection results by email and will receive all technical information and presentation instructions prior to the Conference.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 August 2024

Submit your abstract for MCAP before the submission deadline. Please submit using the ‘Submit Abstract’ button below. You will be asked to create your own personal account before you are able to upload your abstract. You can return to the system at any time using your username and password to edit your information and submission.

 Author Notification Date: 14 August 2024

Acceptance of abstract for presentation will be announced by the author notification date. The presentation instructions and acceptance letter will be emailed to all authors by this date. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to register for the conference. Upon payment of the registration fee, your paper will be scheduled for presentation at the conference.

Final Paper Deadline: 1 October 2024

If you wish to publish in the conference book, please send a Microsoft Word version of the full paper and ‘permission to publish form’ to and pay the ‘Publish Full Paper’ fee by Final Paper Deadline. Use the Springer formatting for your final paper submitted to us. Ensure that your paper is ready to go to press by having thoroughly read the paper for errors.

Note: Payment is required before we begin the full paper reviewing process. Please pay the ‘Publish Full Paper’ fee before the ‘Final Paper Deadline.’ We will issue a refund only if we reject the full-length paper.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 8 October 2024

The registration fee for the conference is lower if you pay before the early bird registration deadline.

Final Registration Deadline: 5 November 2024

This is the final registration date for the conference.

Conference Date: 28-29 November 2024

MCAP 2024 conference

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline1 Aug 2024
Author Notification Date14 Aug 2024
Final Paper Deadline1 Oct 2024
Early Bird Registration Deadline8 Oct 2024
Final Registration Deadline5 Nov 2024
Conference Date28-29 Nov 2024

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

Notification of acceptance for abstract will be sent to each author by ‘Author Notification Date’. All accepted abstracts will be published in ‘Malaysia Conference on Applied Psychology 2024 Programme & Abstract Book’.

Abstract should include:

  • Title: 15 words or fewer
  • The abstract should be less than 400 words
  • Authors: Include the first name and last name of each author who has contributed to the research. Institutions/Academic affiliations: Institution(s) or all author(s) should be included.
  • Background: Primary objective of the study.
  • Methods: Quantitative studies should include design, participants , measures and analysis. Qualitative studies should include design, participants, methods of data collection and analysis. All abstracts of experimental, observational, reviews or other methodologies must include results to substantiate the conclusion(s) of the study.
  • Findings: Include a summary of the results and/or a description of the main findings.
  • Discussion: A conclusion for the research
  • The Conference Committee will review all abstracts and assist all researchers by providing edits and recommendations to their submitted abstract(s). This is to help ensure all published abstracts are of the highest quality.
  • Do not include references at the end of your abstract.

Full Paper Submission Guidelines (optional):

If you are interested to submit your full paper for inclusion in our book, you will need to follow the guidelines stated below:

Use Springer Basic Style for References
Each article must consist of the following: Author Name, Affiliation and Email address, Chapter Abstracts and Keywords
All tables, figures, pictures should be accompanied with captions and numbers
References should be placed at the end of individual chapters
Page limit is 25 pages
Template for Full Paper: Full paper Template

Formatting for Full Paper is available: manuscript-guidelines-1.0 & Key_Style_Points_1.0.

Note that publishing of full papers in the conference book is optional. You will be invited to present your research at the conference once your abstract is approved for oral presentation.

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