Dr. Adriana Ortega

Keynote Speaker/Conference Chair

Monash University Malaysia

Dr. Adriana has wide-ranging research experience in areas related to health and wellbeing in the workplace, social health, community sustainable development, health behaviour change interventions, and positive youth development. Her current projects include Workplace health and well-being in the post-pandemic era, Person-environment fit validation study in SEA, Social-emotional skills and work readiness in SEA, Returning to work challenges and opportunities Internet Gaming & PYD -team and leadership skills, Challenges of hybrid working environment.

Dr. Joel Low

Keynote Speaker

President of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Joel is a Clinical Psychologist and Director at The Mind Psychological Services & Training, specializing in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. As President of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology, he leads initiatives in advancing the field. Dr. Joel shares his expertise as a Sessional Lecturer at Monash University Malaysia, teaching Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the Masters of Professional Counselling Program. Passionate about mental health advocacy, he co-hosts a fortnightly Mind Matters Free Clinic with Lite.fm, addressing community concerns. Recognized as a Gen.T Leader of Tomorrow in 2020, Dr. Joel’s commitment shapes Asia’s future through mental health initiatives.

Dr. Haslinda Abdullah

Keynote Speaker

Professor, University Putra Malaysia

Prof. Haslinda is currently serving as a Director at the Institute for Social Science Studies (IPSAS) UPM and a Professor of Applied Psychology at the Department of Social and Development Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Her research focuses on primarily youth and development, particularly emphasizing youth well-being and mental health. Has conducted extensive research in this area, including collaboration with IYRES and UNISEF on the Malaysian Youth Index on Mental Health (2023).

Dr. Shamsul Haque

Keynote Speaker

Professor, Monash University, Malaysia

Professor Shamsul Haque is a cognitive psychologist with extensive teaching and research experience. He has published his works in leading peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes. His current research interests focus on the retrieval of self-defining memories; lifespan distribution of autobiographical memories; construction of autobiographical memories in psychiatric patients; trauma, narrative identity and mental health among refugee populations; and generational identity and memory of war veterans.

Dr. Tan Jing Hee

General Chair

Deputy Chairman of the Management Council, Chairman of East Asia Institute of Management Academic Board.

Dr. Tan Jing Hee is the Deputy Chairman of the Management Council, Chairman of East Asia Institute of Management Academic Board. In 1973, he joined the Singapore Institute of Management, initially as Information, Publications and Research officer before moving into management development responsibilities. During his 25 years stay in the institute, he helped to build it into the premier HRD organisation in the region. While in SIM, Dr Tan was also involved in establishing enterprise-wide MBO systems in six medium and large organisations in Singapore. In 1987, he co-edited a book on Developing Managers In Asia, published by Addison-Wesley. Dr Tan was the Chief Operating Officer of SIM before leaving it to pursue other interests. In 1994, he wrote doctoral thesis on Developing A Factor Model of Management Work in Singapore, for which he was awarded his Ph.D from Henley Mangement College/Brunel University.

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