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Delegate Info:

Registration fee includes the following:

  • Program and abstract book
  • Conference materials
  • Coffee breaks and lunches

Accommodation is excluded. You will receive the payment receipt at the conference venue.


You are a presenter if you are making an oral presentation at the conference.

The author(s) will be required to deliver a PowerPoint presentation of their research work on the conference day. Please bring along a soft copy of your presentation in a USB thumb drive. We strongly recommend bringing a backup or emailing yourself a copy in advance in case of technical issues.

You will be allocated a 20 minute slot, please take care not to exceed it.    We suggest aiming for a 12-15 minute presentation so that there will be time for Q&A. Your presentation should be interesting, informative, well-paced, and lively.

Poster Presenter

You are a poster presenter if you are presenting your research from a paper poster at the conference.

The paper posters will be placed in the display area and the poster presenters will respond to queries about their research findings during the official networking breaks. Posters presentations must conform to the following:  

  • Your poster must be no larger A0 size 841mm (W) x 1189mm (H).
  •  Presenters are required to bring their own magnets to affix their poster to the display panel.

Virtual Presenter

You are a virtual presenter if you are presenting your research at the conference, but not in person.

In consideration of presenters who may be unable to attend the conference in person due to funding or time constraints, Virtual Presentations are allowed in the program. Virtual Presenters will enjoy the same validity (publication, certification, etc.) as the Presenters.

The conference Opening and Keynote sessions will be telecasted ‘LIVE’ to all virtual presenters via YouTube.

We accept pre-recorded video (10-15 mins) of your research presentation sent to us via Dropbox or any other Cloud storage. The video will be uploaded to the conference website. Powerpoint presentations and e-posters are accepted too. Only the conference attendees will be able to view them during the conference.

  Please send it via email to


You are a listener if you are attending the conference to listen to the oral presentations and the keynote sessions.


You are a coauthor if you are a co-author of a paper submitted to the conference.

Additional Paper

If an author is making an oral presentation for more than one paper at the conference, he/she will need to pay the ‘Additional Paper’ registration fee for the 2nd paper.

Publish Full Paper

Payment is required before we begin the full paper reviewing process. Please pay the ‘Publish Full Paper’ fee before the ‘Final Paper Deadline.’ We will issue a refund only if we reject the full-length paper.


The ticket price is not inclusive of accommodations. Do you need accommodations to be included in the conference ticket? Please contact for more details.

The conference fees should be according to the UN model for tier A, B, and C countries, based on the World
Bank’s indicators of Gross National Income:

Conference Registration Fees (Singapore Dollars)‘A’ (Early Bird)‘B’ (Early Bird)‘C’ (Early Bird)
Presenter Fee$ 500$ 375$ 250
Poster Fee$ 455$ 341$ 228
Virtual Presenter Fee$ 380$ 285$ 190
Listener Fee$ 450$ 338$ 225
Co-author Fee$ 380$ 285$ 190
Additional Paper$ 340$ 255$ 170
Publish Full Paper$ 30$30$ 30
Conference Registration Fees (Singapore Dollars)‘A’ (Regular Rate)‘B’ (Regular Rate)‘C’ (Regular Rate)
Presenter Fee$ 550$ 413$ 275
Poster Fee$ 505$ 379$ 253
Virtual Presenter Fee$ 430$ 323$ 215
Listener Fee$ 500$ 375$ 250
Co-author Fee$ 430$ 323$ 215
Additional Paper$ 340$ 255$ 170
Publish Full Paper$ 30$ 30$ 30
*Note: Early- Bird Rate is before Oct 8th 2024 & Regular Rate is before Nov 5th 2024
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